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Which Bolts Players Will Watch the Draft Extra Closely?


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With the draft only a day away, Chargers fans are brimming with anticipation to see what Tom Telesco does with the third overall pick (as well as each pick thereafter).

But how do the players feel about draft day?

If they are among the team’s best (see: Philip Rivers, Keenan Allen, Antonio Gates), the draft presents an opportunity to learn about the new, incoming rookies and build excitement about the 2016 roster. Their jobs are (presumably) not in danger and they will enjoy watching their team’s weaknesses (hopefully) be fortified.

If a player’s role as a starter is yet to be decided, however, the draft may be the first sign of how the team truly feels about them. Simply put, if Telesco drafted a running back at No. 3 (which, pray God, will not happen), then Melvin Gordon would hardly feel safe or appreciated.

Whether it be due to the fear of being replaced or a special investment in seeing the team improve, let’s take a look at the six Chargers players who will be watching the draft a little more closely than the rest of their teammates.

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