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Positional Review: Inside Linebacker


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San Diego’s run defense was dominated by opposing running backs early last season, allowing 122.9 yards per game through the first nine weeks — sixth worst in the NFL.

Manti Te’o was wracking up tackles, but also consistently missing them, while Donald Butler lacked the effort to get off of blocks and get to the ball carrier.

Everything changed when rookie phenom Denzel Perryman was inserted into the lineup — a ray of light for an otherwise dim position. With Perryman starting, Te’o looked much improved and the defense started to look dominant in doses.

Once in a pathetic state, the inside linebacker corps looks like a strength with Perryman and Te’o going forward. However, while there are seven middle linebackers signed through 2016, the depth at the position is a huge question mark.

Positional Strength: B-

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