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Title Belts for 10 Chargers Champions


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The Chargers have yet to capture that elusive Lombardi Trophy, but that does not mean the cupboard is completely bare … or at least it shouldn’t be. There is plenty of championship-caliber talent inside the walls at Chargers Park and it is about time those individuals got their just dues.

To make that possible, we are handing out Championship Belts to San Diego’s most deserving players and executives.

Without further ado …

World Heavyweight Champion: Philip Rivers

To paraphrase current WWE Champion Roman Reigns, Rivers is not a good guy, and he’s not a bad guy … he’s just the guy. OK, in reality, Rivers is very much a good guy, even if his reputation outside of San Diego does not always reflect that. He is also a top-five quarterback who can rack up yards and points in a hurry.

Whether you love or hate him, there is no denying Rivers is the face of this franchise. Almost every “division preview” story I’ve ready from national publications this offseason includes some variation of the line, “but you can’t count out a team with Philip Rivers under center.”

That’s some heavyweight influence right there.

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